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Learn to paint with Pam!


A word from Pam about her classes:

"The classes are very informal, you pick what you want to paint—I'll show you how. We'll go through the steps from beginning to end. We'll learn about composition and layout, colors and color blending, medium mixture, different types of brushes, what they're used for and how to care for them, painting on canvas vs. painting on hardboard, etc., varnishing, and the basic techniques used to end up with a finished, framed oil painting. If you've painted before, that's fine; if you're a beginner, that's OK, too. These classes should answer all your questions and relieve the frustrations that I know I've had in learning how to paint. Plus, we'll have fun at the same time!" 

Class Schedule

Classes are held on Saturday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. 

Class Format

Each 2-hour lesson is $50 and is held at Pam's home in Saginaw, Minnesota. Students provide their own supplies.

Contact us to learn more!

If you have any questions, or to sign up for classes, please use the form on our website to contact us, or call Pam at 218-721-5562.