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About Pam

When she was young, people would say "She's going to be an artist some day"


Pam  grew up on the shores of Lake Superior. As a  young girl, her parents encouraged her to paint. As Pam grew, so did  her desire to bring her love of the outdoors alive on canvas. At age 14,  Pam sold her first painting for $15. Pam has worked as an illustrator and graphic artist, specializing in medical illustration. She has illustrated various laboratory manuals and medical textbooks. 

Inspiration in nature


Although basically a self-taught artist, Pam has trained privately with well known artists John Peyton and portrait artist Greg Johnson. Her extensive knowledge of the subjects she paints and photorealistic style, so necessary for medical illustration, shows in her paintings. Her basic medium is oil, although she has done watercolors in the past, and she gets much of her inspiration from nature. Each painting entails many hours of research and study into the composition of the painting, the subject and the environment, with an eye for detail. She enjoys subject matter of all kinds but mainly focuses on wildlife and especially birds. 

Award winning work


Northern Minnesota settings are the background for many of Pam's paintings as well as the beautiful Duluth scenery she knows so well. Pam spends much of her time in her studio where she usually has 10 to 15 paintings going at once, is busy with commissioned works, or teaching an oil painting class. She has her own framing shop for both her works and her students' paintings. Pam feels pride and accomplishment as her paintings touch the lives of people who can relate to and enjoy her work. Her award-winning oils are becoming increasingly popular and have been exhibited and sold in numerous galleries both nationally and internationally.